2022 New Y13 Smart Watch Fashion Bracelet Pedometer Heart Rate Monitoring Bluetooth Call Touch Screen Smart Bracelet

2022 New Y13 Smart Watch Fashion Bracelet Pedometer Heart Rate Monitoring Bluetooth Call Touch Screen Smart Bracelet


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- Screen size: 1.69 inches, providing a decent display area for various functions and information.

- Compatible system: Fully compatible with various smartphone operating systems, ensuring wide usability.

- Operation mode: Combines touch screen functionality with physical button controls for intuitive navigation.

- Screen resolution: 240*240, offering clear and vibrant visuals.

- Wristband material: Made of silicone strap, which is comfortable, durable, and suitable for everyday wear.

- Product weight: 70 grams, making it lightweight and easy to wear without causing discomfort.


1. Video entertainment: The smartwatch allows you to enjoy video content on its display, providing entertainment on the go.

2. Step count: The built-in pedometer tracks your daily steps, encouraging a more active lifestyle and promoting fitness.

3. Heart rate monitoring: Monitors your heart rate in real-time, helping you keep track of your cardiovascular health during workouts and throughout the day.

4. Bluetooth call: Enables you to make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch, offering convenience when your phone isn't easily accessible.

5. Smart reminder: Provides timely notifications for calls, messages, and other important events, keeping you informed and connected.

6. Remote control selfie: Allows you to use the smartwatch as a remote control for your smartphone's camera, making it easier to capture photos and selfies.

7. Sleep monitoring: Tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns, giving insights into the quality of your sleep and helping you improve your rest.

8. Information push: Delivers notifications from your smartphone to the smartwatch, so you can stay updated without having to check your phone constantly.

9. Magnetic charging cable: The smartwatch is charged using a magnetic charging cable, which makes charging convenient and quick.

10. Life waterproof: With its life waterproof grade, the smartwatch can withstand water splashes, rain, and sweat, making it suitable for daily wear and light outdoor activities.

11. Screen Type: IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology ensures better color reproduction and wider viewing angles for an enhanced user experience.


- Convenience: With various functions like call handling, message notifications, and remote control, the smartwatch reduces the need to frequently interact with your smartphone, providing greater convenience during daily activities.

- Fitness and Health Tracking: The step count, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking features help you stay aware of your physical well-being, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

- Connectivity: Bluetooth call and information push keep you connected to important calls and updates without having to reach for your phone constantly.

- Stylish Design: The smartwatch's fashionable bracelet design, with a silicone strap, adds to your style while serving multiple practical purposes.

- Entertainment on the Go: The video entertainment feature lets you enjoy content on a portable device, making commutes or waiting times more enjoyable.

Overall, the Y13 Smart Watch Fashion Bracelet offers a blend of style, functionality, and convenience, making it a valuable companion for daily activities and fitness tracking.


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