3 Leyer Tier Foldable Drying Rack Cloth Laundry Hanger

3 Leyer Tier Foldable Drying Rack Cloth Laundry Hanger


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- Overall Dimension: 26"L x 28-3/4"W x 66-3/4"H
- Weight: 9.7 lbs


- 3-tier clothes drying rack with 2 side wings: The rack has three tiers, providing ample space for hanging clothes. The two side wings can be extended to increase the drying area.
- Easy to move: The rack is equipped with four rolling casters, allowing for easy mobility. The casters are lockable, ensuring stability when the rack is in use.
- Steel construction: The drying rack is made of steel, which offers durability and sturdiness to support the weight of wet clothes.
- Versatile usage: The rack can be used for hanging various items such as clothes, towels, bedding, and more. It provides a convenient solution for drying laundry indoors or outdoors.
- Simple assembly: The rack requires simple assembly, and a manual is included in the package to guide you through the process.


- Ample drying space: The three-tier design with side wings provides plenty of space for drying clothes, allowing you to dry multiple loads at once and save time.
- Easy mobility: The rolling casters make it easy to move the drying rack around your home or even outdoors. You can position it wherever it is most convenient for drying your laundry.
- Lockable casters: The lockable casters ensure that the rack stays in place when in use, preventing any accidental movement or tipping over.
- Durable construction: The steel construction of the rack ensures its longevity and ability to withstand the weight of wet clothes without bending or breaking.
- Versatile usage: You can use the drying rack for various items, not just clothes. It can accommodate towels, bedding, and other items that require drying.
- Indoor and outdoor use: The rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving you the flexibility to dry your laundry in the most convenient location.
- Space-saving design: The foldable feature of the rack allows for easy storage when not in use. You can collapse it and tuck it away, saving valuable space in your home.



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