ALLGOOD】Cherry Blossom Transparent Folding Umbrella

ALLGOOD】Cherry Blossom Transparent Folding Umbrella


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- Material: Metal frame with PVC canopy

- Color options: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green

- Folded Length: Approximately 25cm

- Diameter: Approximately 93cm


1. Transparent Design: The umbrella features a transparent PVC canopy, allowing you to see through it even when it's raining. This unique design adds a touch of style and elegance to your rainy days.

2. Cherry Blossom Pattern: The canopy of the umbrella is adorned with a beautiful cherry blossom pattern, adding a delicate and feminine touch to your overall look.

3. Folding Design: The umbrella is designed to be compact and portable. With a folded length of approximately 25cm, it can easily fit into your bag, backpack, or car glove compartment, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected rain showers.

4. Metal Frame: The umbrella features a sturdy metal frame, providing durability and resistance against strong winds. This ensures that the umbrella remains intact even during gusty weather conditions.


1. Rain Protection: The transparent PVC canopy effectively shields you from rain while allowing you to maintain visibility. It keeps you dry and protected during wet weather, preventing your clothes and belongings from getting wet.

2. Style and Elegance: The cherry blossom pattern and transparent design of the umbrella add a touch of sophistication to your rainy-day attire. It allows you to showcase your personal style while staying protected from the rain.

3. Portability: The folding design and compact size make it easy to carry the umbrella wherever you go. You can conveniently store it in your bag or backpack, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected rain.

4. Durability: The metal frame of the umbrella provides stability and resilience against wind gusts, making it a reliable companion during stormy weather. It is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Overall, the Cherry Blossom Transparent Folding Umbrella offers both practicality and style. Its transparent design, cherry blossom pattern, portability, and durability make it a fashionable and reliable accessory for rainy days



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