For Ios/android Phone 3d Retractable Bluetooth-compatible Handle Gaming Controller

For Ios/android Phone 3d Retractable Bluetooth-compatible Handle Gaming Controller


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- Compatibility: iOS, Android, PS4, Switch, PC
- Connectivity: Bluetooth
- Design: Ergonomic, curved design with a professional grip
- Buttons: Android custom setting buttons with built-in preset configuration
- Joystick: 360° high-precision 3D joystick without dead zone
- Speed Adjustment: One-key speed adjustment with the M2 key on the back
- Connectivity: Bluetooth-compatible


1. Compatibility: The gaming controller supports iOS, Android, PS4, Switch, and PC, allowing you to enjoy gaming across multiple platforms without the need for different controllers.
2. Customizable Buttons: The Android custom setting buttons provide flexibility, allowing you to configure the buttons according to your preferences. You can use the built-in preset configuration or set up your own custom button layout.
3. Ergonomic Design: The controller features a curved design with a professional grip, ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions. The sturdy handle provides a secure grip, reducing fatigue and improving control.
4. Precise Joystick Control: The 360° high-precision 3D joystick offers accurate control without any dead zones, enabling smooth and precise movement in games.
5. Speed Adjustment: The M2 key on the back of the controller allows you to adjust the speed easily. This feature is beneficial for fine-tuning gameplay and adapting to different game requirements.
6. Bluetooth Connectivity: The controller connects to your device via Bluetooth, providing a wireless and hassle-free gaming experience. You can enjoy gaming without the constraints of cables or wires.


1. Versatility: The controller supports multiple platforms, allowing you to use it with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PCs.
2. Enhanced Gaming Experience: The ergonomic design and professional grip provide comfort and control, improving your overall gaming experience.
3. Customizability: With customizable buttons and preset configurations, you can tailor the controller to suit your gaming style and preferences.
4. Accurate Control: The high-precision 3D joystick ensures precise control, enabling you to execute movements and actions with accuracy and responsiveness.
5. Easy Speed Adjustment: The ability to adjust the speed with a dedicated key makes it convenient to fine-tune your gameplay, giving you better control over your in-game actions.
6. Wireless Convenience: Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need for cables or wires, offering freedom of movement and reducing clutter during gameplay.


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