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- Brand: Gazi
- Model: EG-203S
- Gas Type: LPG
- Product Type: Gazi Smiss
- Panel Type: High-Quality Stainless Steel
- Burner Type: Brass
- Panel Thickness: 8 mm
- Heating Output: 4.2KW
- Burner Type: Single Burner
- Auto Ignition: 50,000 Times
- Cold Plating Base High-Quality
- Auto Pulse Ignition Start
- Smoke-Free Blue Flame
- Enamel Pan Supports
- European Burner Design
- Multiple Safety Device
- Super Energy Saving Technology
- 1 Year Service Warranty


1. High-Quality Stainless Steel Panel: The stove is built with a high-quality stainless steel panel that enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion. It adds an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

2. Brass Burner: The stove is equipped with a brass burner, which provides efficient heat distribution and ensures a longer lifespan compared to other materials.

3. Auto Ignition: The stove features an auto ignition system that allows for easy and convenient lighting of the burner. With 50,000 ignition cycles, it offers a reliable and long-lasting ignition mechanism.

4. Cold Plating Base: The stove's base is made of cold plating material, which improves its stability and enhances its overall quality. It provides a sturdy foundation for the stove.

5. Smoke-Free Blue Flame: The stove produces a smoke-free blue flame, which indicates complete combustion and efficient heat generation. It helps in maintaining a clean and healthy cooking environment.

6. Low Gas Consumption: The stove is designed to optimize gas consumption, resulting in cost savings. It ensures efficient fuel utilization without compromising on cooking performance.

7. Enamel Pan Supports: The stove comes with enamel pan supports that provide stable and reliable support for your cookware. They are resistant to high temperatures and are easy to clean.

8. European Burner Design: The stove incorporates a European burner design, known for its efficiency and even heat distribution. It ensures uniform cooking and reduces the chances of food burning or unevenly cooked dishes.

9. Multiple Safety Device: The stove is equipped with multiple safety devices to ensure user safety. These devices include flame failure protection, gas leakage detection, and overheating protection.

10. Super Energy Saving Technology: The stove utilizes super energy-saving technology to minimize energy consumption without compromising on cooking performance. It helps in reducing your energy bills and contributes to a more sustainable environment.


- Durability: The stainless steel panel and brass burner make the stove highly durable and long-lasting.
- Convenience: The auto ignition system and pulse ignition start feature make it easy to start and use the stove.
- Efficient Cooking: The stove's blue flame and European burner design provide efficient and even heat distribution, resulting in well-cooked meals.
- Cost Savings: The low gas consumption and energy-saving technology help in reducing gas bills and energy costs.
- Safety: The multiple safety devices ensure user safety by detecting gas leaks, preventing flame failure, and protecting against overheating.
- Aesthetically Pleasing: The stainless steel panel adds a sleek and modern look to your kitchen.
- Warranty: The stove comes with a 1-year service warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Overall, the Gazi Smiss Single Burner Gas Stove EG-203S offers a combination of durability, efficiency, safety, and convenience, making it a reliable choice for your cooking needs.



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