Korean Adjustable Y Type Collarbone Chain Necklace For Women Imitation Pearl Chain

Korean Adjustable Y Type Collarbone Chain Necklace For Women Imitation Pearl Chain


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- Item Type: Necklaces

- Necklace Type: Link Chains

- Plating: Gold Plated

- Style: TRENDY

- Material: Alloy

- Main Stone: Crystal, Rhinestone

- Occasion: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party


1. Adjustable Y Type Collarbone Chain: The necklace is designed in a Y shape, which adds a unique and stylish touch to your outfit. The length of the chain can be adjusted to suit your preference and neckline, allowing for a customizable fit.

2. Imitation Pearl Chain: The necklace features an imitation pearl chain, providing an elegant and sophisticated look. The pearls add a touch of femininity and grace to your overall appearance.

3. Gold Plating: The necklace is gold plated, giving it a luxurious and glamorous finish. The gold plating enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the necklace and adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

4. Crystal and Rhinestone Embellishments: The necklace is adorned with crystal and rhinestone accents, adding sparkle and shine to your neckline. These embellishments catch the light and create a dazzling effect, making the necklace eye-catching and perfect for special occasions.


1. Trendy and Fashionable: The necklace's trendy design and stylish Y shape make it a fashionable accessory that can enhance your overall look. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, making it suitable for various occasions.

2. Versatile and Adjustable: The adjustable Y type collarbone chain allows you to customize the length of the necklace to suit your preference and neckline. This versatility makes it suitable for different necklines and outfits, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

3. Elegant and Graceful: The imitation pearl chain and crystal/rhinestone embellishments give the necklace an elegant and graceful appearance. It adds a touch of femininity and refinement to your attire, making it ideal for formal events or special occasions.

4. Great as a Gift: The necklace can be a thoughtful and stylish gift for anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, or other special occasions. Its trendy design, luxurious finish, and sparkling embellishments make it a desirable piece of jewelry that can delight any woman.

Overall, the Korean Adjustable Y Type Collarbone Chain Necklace with imitation pearls and crystal/rhinestone accents offers a trendy and fashionable accessory option for women. Its adjustable length, elegant design, and versatile nature make it a great addition to any jewelry collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special.



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