Competitive Price Gas Stove Single Burner Natural Gas/LPG 4.0 KW Single Burner Gas Stove

Competitive Price Gas Stove Single Burner Natural Gas/LPG 4.0 KW Single Burner Gas Stove


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1. **Product Name:** Glass panel 4.0 KW gas stove

2. **Brand Name:** OEM

3. **Material:** Glass panel, copper fire cover

4. **Number of Gas Burners:** 1

5. **Cooker Quantity:** Single-cooker Cooktop

6. **Ignition mode:** Electronic pulse ignition

7. **Power Source:** Battery, Gas

8. **Electric Cooktop Type:** Smooth Ceramic Cooktop

9. **Power (W):** 4.0 KW

10. **Gas Burner Ignition Mode:** Electronic Ignition

11. **Surface Material:** Ceramic / Glass

12. **Net weight:** 10 KG

13. **Fuel type:** Natural gas, liquefied gas

14. **Application:** Outdoor, Household

15. **Protective Case:** Flameout Protection

16. **Warranty:** None


- **Dual Fuel:** Can be used with both natural gas and liquefied gas.

- **Electronic Pulse Ignition:** Easy and convenient ignition.

- **Smooth Ceramic Cooktop:** Provides even and efficient cooking.

- **Flameout Protection:** Ensures safety by automatically shutting off gas in case of flameout.

- **Durable Material:** Glass panel and copper fire cover for long-lasting use.

- **Versatile Application:** Suitable for both outdoor and household use.

- **Compact Design:** Desktop and embedded installation options for flexibility.

- **Low Weight:** Easy to handle and move.

- **No App Control:** Operated manually, no app control required.


- **Efficient Cooking:** The 4.0 KW power output ensures fast and efficient cooking.

- **Versatile Fuel Options:** Can be used with natural gas or LPG, providing flexibility in fuel choice.

- **Safety:** Flameout protection and electronic ignition enhance safety during cooking.

- **Durable:** Made from quality materials for long-term durability.

- **Compact and Portable:** Suitable for various settings and easy to transport.

- **Easy to Install:** Can be installed on a desktop or embedded in your kitchen counter.

- **Wide Supply Availability:** Supplying up to 3000 pieces per month, ensuring availability.

- **Multiple Shipping Options:** Can be shipped from Guangzhou or Shenzhen ports.

- **Payment Flexibility:** Accepts Western Union, L/C, and T/T payment methods.

Please note that there is no warranty mentioned for this product. It's essential to consider your specific cooking needs and preferences when choosing a gas stove.



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