Migeet Automatic Household Folding Small Portable Washing Machine

Migeet Automatic Household Folding Small Portable Washing Machine


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- **Size:** Small and foldable
- **Material:** Durable ABS material with a soft rubber folded part
- **Design:** Portable bucket design with a handle
- **Power:** Two-way power for efficient stain removal
- **Pulsator:** Ultrasonic positive and negative pulsator for gentle yet effective washing
- **Controls:** Waterproof buttons with one-button control
- **Timing Modes:** 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes
- **Additional Features:** Intelligent timing switch, drain hole, drain pipe, and drain basket


- **Compact Design:** Small size suitable for washing children's clothes, underwear, socks, towels, etc.
- **Dual-purpose Elution:** Deep stain removal without damaging clothes
- **Portable:** Handle and foldable design for easy carrying
- **User-friendly:** Easy-to-use waterproof buttons with one-button control
- **Versatile:** Three timing modes for different washing durations, can also be used to clean fruits
- **Efficient Cleaning:** Ultrasonic pulsator imitates hand washing for effective cleaning
- **Self-Care:** Encourages children's self-care by allowing them to put their own clothes into the machine


- **Convenience:** Ideal for travel and home use, providing the convenience of a washing machine in a compact form.
- **Energy-efficient:** Two-way power and intelligent timing switch contribute to energy efficiency.
- **Gentle on Clothes:** The ultrasonic pulsator ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to clothes.
- **Time-saving:** One-button control and various timing modes streamline the washing process.
- **Multi-functional:** Can be used not only for laundry but also for cleaning fruits, offering versatility.
- **Durable:** Made of durable materials, ensuring a long lifespan.
- **Encourages Independence:** Enables children to participate in the washing process, promoting self-care skills.



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