RizcoRizco Gas Burner RGB BIH BL 03 NG Stainless Steel Black

RizcoRizco Gas Burner RGB BIH BL 03 NG Stainless Steel Black


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- Model: RizcoRizco Gas Burner RGB BIH BL 03 NG

- Gas Type: Natural Gas (NG)

- Construction Material: Stainless Steel

- Body Type: Non-magnetic

- Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.7 mm

- Burner Cap Material: 100% Copper

- Burner Configuration: Three Burners

- Pan Support Material: Cast Iron

- Ignition Type: Battery Auto Ignition


1. **High Heat Output:**

   - 100% Copper Burner Cap ensures high heat with a blue flame.

2. **Durable Build:**

   - Non-magnetic body and 0.7 mm stainless steel thickness contribute to durability.

3. **Stylish Design:**

   - Stainless Steel Black finish adds a sleek and modern look to your kitchen.

4. **Strong Pan Support:**

   - Cast Iron pan support provides stability and durability for various cooking vessels.

5. **Convenient Ignition:**

   - Battery Auto Ignition for smooth and hassle-free startup.

6. **Gas Efficiency:**

   - Saves 60% gas, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings.


- Efficient Cooking: High heat output allows for quick and efficient cooking.

- Durability: Stainless steel build and copper burner cap enhance the longevity of the gas burner.

- Stylish Appearance: The stainless steel black finish adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

- Stability: Cast Iron pan support ensures stability for various cooking activities.

- User-Friendly: Battery Auto Ignition makes starting the burner easy and convenient.

- Cost Savings: The gas-efficient design helps save up to 60% on gas consumption, leading to cost savings over time.



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