wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove

wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove


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- **Model Number:** LXW-RQZ-12

- **Brand Name:** OEM

- **Installation:** Desktop & Embedded Type

- **Ignition Mode:** Electronic pulse ignition

- **Power Source:** Battery, Gas

- **Electric Cooktop Type:** Smooth Ceramic Cooktop

- **Timing Function:** Both sides can be timed for 180 minutes

- **No. of Gas Burner:** 2

- **Gas Burner Ignition Mode:** Electronic Ignition

- **Material:** Stainless steel panel bottom package glass, Copper fire cover

- **Power (W):** 5.0 KW

- **Opening Size:** 650*350 mm

- **Cooker Quantity:** Multi-cooker Cooktop

- **Protective Case:** Flameout Protection

- **Surface Material:** Stainless steel

- **Net Weight:** 9 KG

- **Product Size:** 750*430 mm

- **Fuel Type:** Natural gas / liquefied gas


- Reversible stove with a rose gold tabletop.

- Stainless steel and glass panel for durability.

- Smooth ceramic cooktop for efficient cooking.

- Electronic pulse ignition for convenient startup.

- Timing function for both sides, allowing up to 180 minutes of cooking.

- Flameout protection for safety.

- Portable and suitable for outdoor and household use.


- Dual gas burners offer flexibility in cooking.

- Reversible design adds versatility to tabletop placement.

- Durable materials ensure a long product life.

- Electronic ignition provides quick and hassle-free startup.

- Smooth ceramic cooktop facilitates easy cleaning.

- Timing function enhances cooking precision.

- Flameout protection ensures safety during use.

- Portable nature makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

- Suitable for use with natural gas or liquefied gas.

- Multi-cooker cooktop for diverse cooking options.


size/750*430 mm

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