Controller Mobile Controller Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter For IOS And Android Demoo

Controller Mobile Controller Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter For IOS And Android Demoo


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- Product number: SH-VA-019
- Applicable system: Android/iOS
- Connection method: Bluetooth 5.0
- Power: 4.8-5.2V


- **Multi-functionality:** Acts as a Mobile Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter.
- **Plug and Play:** Bluetooth 5.0 connection for seamless setup.
- **Cross-platform Support:** Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
- **Anti-ban Assurance:** No modification of official data, ensuring players won't be banned.
- **One-touch Mouse Pointer:** Easily call out the mouse pointer with a middle wheel button press, allowing for versatile gameplay control (currently supports Android only).
- **Stylish Design:** Features a colorful gradient design with independent system lighting and a restart switch.
- **Low Latency:** No delay or lag during gameplay.
- **Charging While Playing:** Supports charging while playing PUBG for uninterrupted gaming sessions.
- **USB Hub Function:** Includes a USB 2.0 interface with fast charge capabilities (5V/2000mA output) for added convenience and safety.
- **Customizable Settings:** Allows users to customize settings according to their preferences.


- **Enhanced Gameplay:** Experience mobile games as if they were PC games with the added precision and control of a keyboard and mouse.
- **Ease of Use:** Simplified setup and operation make it accessible to all types of players.
- **Competitive Advantage:** Gain an edge over opponents with faster response times and more accurate controls.
- **Versatility:** Works with a wide range of iOS and Android devices, making it suitable for various gaming setups.
- **Long-lasting Performance:** Designed to provide reliable performance during extended gaming sessions without compromising on quality.
- **No Compatibility Issues:** Compatible with most Android and iOS devices, except for specific models mentioned in the notes.
- **Anti-ban Assurance:** Players can enjoy the benefits without the fear of being banned from their favorite games.



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