10 Mile 532nm Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer Beam Light Pen + Star Cap 5mw

10 Mile 532nm Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer Beam Light Pen + Star Cap 5mw


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- Type: Green Laser Pointer
- Wavelength: 532nm
- Output Power: 5mW
- Focus: Adjustable
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Color: Green
- Dimensions: Compact and lightweight for pocket or handbag storage


- Versatile: Suitable for various purposes such as presentations, teaching, and indicating targets on screens or videos.
- Star Lamp Cap: Includes a star lamp cap for projecting variable patterns at night.
- Single Beam Pointer: Capable of emitting a single beam when the star cap is removed.
- Astronomy Aid: Can be used for stargazing and locating stars in clear nights.
- High Quality: Utilizes advanced optics and microelectronics technology for reliability and precision.
- Easy to Carry: Lightweight and compact design makes it convenient to carry anywhere.


- Precision: Allows precise pointing and highlighting of key points in presentations or teaching environments.
- Versatility: Can be used in multiple scenarios, from professional presentations to recreational stargazing.
- Portability: Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in pockets or handbags for on-the-go use.
- Safety: Designed with measures to prevent short-circuiting for user safety.
- Visibility: Green light is easier to see and track, enhancing visibility of the target or key points.
- Entertainment: The star lamp cap adds a fun element, creating mesmerizing patterns for entertainment purposes.


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