The New Multifunctional Deep Oil Free Steam 8l Stainless Steel Liner Custom visual Silver Crest Air Fryers

The New Multifunctional Deep Oil Free Steam 8l Stainless Steel Liner Custom visual Silver Crest Air Fryers


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- Brand: OEM
- Model Number: JWS-0803
- Capacity: 8L
- Shape: Round
- Color Options: Black/White/Blue
- App-Controlled: No
- Power Source: Electric
- Voltage: 220V
- Material: Plastic
- Non-Stick Material: Glass
- Control Type: Digital
- Warranty: 1 Year
- Certification: CB, CE, CCC
- Carton Size: 640*383*717mm (4pcs)
- Product Size: 280*260*320mm
- Color Box Size: 373X312X350mm
- Application: Commercial, Garage, Hotel, Household, Outdoor, RV
- Private Mold: Yes


1. Multifunctional: This air fryer offers multiple cooking options, allowing you to fry, bake, roast, and grill various dishes with less or no oil.
2. Deep Oil-Free Steam Technology: The air fryer utilizes deep oil-free steam technology, making your meals healthier and reducing oil consumption.
3. Large Capacity: With an 8L capacity, it can handle cooking larger quantities of food, making it ideal for families or gatherings.
4. Visual Silver Crest: The stainless steel liner and visual silver crest design give the air fryer a modern and stylish appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen.
5. App-Controlled: This model does not have app control functionality, providing straightforward manual operation for ease of use.
6. Digital Control: The air fryer features digital controls for precise temperature and timer settings, ensuring accurate cooking results.
7. Easy to Clean: The non-stick glass material allows for easy cleaning and maintenance after cooking.
8. Customizable: The air fryer can be customized with your logo, packaging, and graphics for a more personalized touch.
9. Durable Build: Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
10. Suitable for Various Settings: Its versatility makes it suitable for commercial kitchens, hotels, households, outdoor cooking, RVs, and more.


1. Healthier Cooking: The deep oil-free steam technology reduces the need for excessive oil, making your meals healthier and lower in fat.
2. Time-Saving: The air fryer cooks food faster than traditional methods, saving you cooking time.
3. Versatility: With multiple cooking functions, you can prepare a wide range of dishes using a single appliance, eliminating the need for multiple cooking devices.
4. Cost-Effective: Cooking with less oil reduces oil consumption, which can lead to cost savings in the long run.
5. User-Friendly: The digital control system and simple operation make it easy for anyone to use, even those without cooking expertise.
6. Customizable Branding: The option for custom logo and packaging allows you to promote your brand or business effectively.
7. Reliable Performance: With a 1-year warranty and quality control measures, you can trust in the air fryer's reliability and performance.
8. Ample Capacity: The large 8L capacity ensures you can cook sufficient quantities of food for larger groups or gatherings.
9. Aesthetically Pleasing: The modern and stylish design of the air fryer adds to the visual appeal of your kitchen or cooking area.
10. Energy Efficient: Cooking with electric appliances can be more energy-efficient compared to traditional cooking methods.

Please note that the provided information is based on the product description given, and for the most accurate and up-to-date details, it is essential to contact the manufacturer directly.



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