wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove

wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove


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1. Power Source: Gas

2. Electric Cooktop Type: Radiant Coil Burner

3. Burner Material: Brass Nozzle

4. Number of Gas Burners: 2

5. Number of Electric Burners: 2

6. Gas Burner Ignition Mode: Electronic Ignition

7. Installation: Desktop & Embedded Type

8. Voltage (V): 220v

9. Material: Tempered Glass Surface

10. Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop

11. Type: Gas Cooktops

12. Knob: Metal Knob

13. Ignition Type: Automatic Piezo Ignition

14. Protective Case: Flameout Protection

15. Gas Type: N.G. or L.P.G

16. Surface Material: Ceramic / Glass

17. Private Mold: NO

18. Ignition Mode: Automatic Ignition


1. App-Controlled: This gas stove is not app-controlled, meaning it operates through traditional manual controls.

2. Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty, providing assurance for its quality and performance.

3. Portable and Versatile: The gas stove is designed to be easily installed on the desktop or embedded into the kitchen counter, making it suitable for various kitchen setups.

4. Dual Fuel Capability: The stove supports both Natural Gas (N.G.) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.), giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred gas type.

5. Automatic Ignition: The stove features an automatic piezo ignition system, eliminating the need for matches or lighters.

6. Flameout Protection: The stove is equipped with a protective case to ensure the gas supply is cut off if the flame accidentally extinguishes, enhancing safety.

7. High-Quality Materials: The stove's tempered glass surface and brass nozzle burners ensure durability and reliability.

8. Energy-Efficient: Gas stoves are generally more energy-efficient than electric stoves, leading to potential cost savings on utility bills.

9. Suitable for Various Settings: The stove's application extends to hotels, garages, RVs, commercial kitchens, and households, catering to diverse cooking needs.

10. Easy to Clean: The smooth glass surface makes cleaning the stove hassle-free.


1. Cost-Effective: Buying gas stoves wholesale can often result in cost savings compared to purchasing individual units.

2. Reliable Supplier: With Trade Assurance on Alibaba, the buyer gains added protection and confidence in the transaction.

3. Quick Lead Time: The product has a lead time of 7 days for orders up to 1 piece, ensuring prompt delivery.

4. Supply Availability: The supplier can provide up to 500 pieces per day, ensuring a steady supply for larger orders.

5. Customization: As a wholesale option, there might be opportunities for customization based on specific business needs.

6. Energy Savings: Gas stoves, especially those with electronic ignition, can be more energy-efficient than conventional electric stoves, leading to potential cost savings in the long run.

7. Free Spare Parts: The supplier offers free spare parts as part of their after-sales service, providing peace of mind for any potential repairs or replacements.

Before proceeding with the purchase, it's essential to communicate directly with the supplier to confirm all specifications, negotiate pricing, and address any additional concerns or queries.



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