wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove

wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove


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- Product Name: Wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove
- Model Number: EHYJ-G5001
- Installation: Build-in/table top, Built-In
- Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
- Warranty: 1 year
- Power Source: Gas
- App-Controlled: No
- After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts, Onsite Installation
- Rated Heat Load: Left 4.5KW, Right 7.2kw
- Burner Size: 100mm+120mm
- No. of Gas Burner: 2
- Product Size: 730*410mm
- Brand Name: elecapoka
- Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop
- Type: Gas Cooktops
- Ignition type: Pulse
- Protective Case: Flameout Protection
- Gas Type: L.P.G & N.G.
- Surface Material: Tempered glass, Ceramic/Glass
- Private Mold: Yes
- Application: Hotel, Outdoor, Garage, Commercial, Household
- Gas Burner Ignition Mode: Electronic Ignition
- Packaging Detail: Anti-fall and Shockproof EVA sponge liner, Outer packaging carton. 1 pc in 1 carton, 780x460x200mm, weight: 14kg.


1. Dual Burners: The gas stove comes with two burners, one with a heat load of 4.5KW and the other with 7.2KW, providing flexibility for different cooking needs.

2. Build-in or Tabletop: The stove offers the option of being built into the kitchen countertop or used as a tabletop appliance, allowing versatility in kitchen design.

3. Pulse Ignition: The gas stove features pulse ignition for quick and easy lighting of the burners, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience.

4. Flameout Protection: The protective case design includes flameout protection, enhancing safety during operation by automatically shutting off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished.

5. Durable Materials: The stove's surface is made of tempered glass and ceramic/glass, making it durable and resistant to heat and wear.


1. Customizable: The gas stove can be customized with logos, packaging, and graphics, allowing businesses to promote their brand effectively.

2. Suitable for Various Applications: With its adaptable design and robust construction, the gas stove is suitable for use in hotels, outdoor settings, garages, commercial kitchens, and households.

3. Efficient Cooking: The powerful burners provide efficient heat distribution, reducing cooking time and energy consumption.

4. After-sales Support: The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty and after-sales service, including free spare parts and onsite installation support.

5. Safety and Reliability: The gas stove is equipped with flameout protection and meets CE certification standards, ensuring safety and reliability in its operation.

6. Private Mold: The unique private mold design sets this gas stove apart from standard models, offering exclusivity to the buyer.

7. Eco-friendly: As a gas-powered appliance, the stove utilizes a cleaner and more eco-friendly energy source compared to traditional electric stoves.

Overall, the wholesale solar electronic gas stove offers a combination of customization options, safety features, and efficiency, making it an attractive choice for various commercial and household applications.


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