Wholesale Kitchen appliance Home Gas Burner Stove Stainless Steel Gas Cooker Stoves with safety protection

Wholesale Kitchen appliance Home Gas Burner Stove Stainless Steel Gas Cooker Stoves with safety protection


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- Product Type: Gas Cooktop/Stove

- Ignition Type: Pulse Ignition with safety protection

- Installation: Built-In

- Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

- Warranty: 1 Year

- App-Controlled: Yes

- Power Source: Gas

- After-sales Service Provided: Onsite Installation

- Pan Support: Enamel pan support with insulation board

- Voltage: 220V

- Packing Size: 750*435*180mm

- Material: Frosted stainless steel panel

- Model Number: AQ-G203

- Certification: CE

- Body Base: Galvanized sheet

- Brand Name: ABLE

- Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop

- Type: Gas Cooktops

- CTN Dimension: 780*460*200mm

- Protective Case: Flameout Protection

- Surface Material: Stainless steel

- Burner: Iron burner

- Private Mold: Yes

- Application: Household

- Power: 5.0kw+4.2kw

- Packaging Detail: 1PCS/CTN, or as required package

- Lead Time: 10 days


1. Safety Protection: The gas burner stove is equipped with safety features to ensure safe usage, giving you peace of mind while cooking.

2. High-Quality Materials: Made of frosted stainless steel panel and galvanized sheet body base, the gas cooker stove is durable and built to last.

3. Dual-Cooker Cooktop: The appliance comes with two burners, one with a power output of 5.0kw and the other with 4.2kw, providing flexibility in cooking different dishes simultaneously.

4. Easy Ignition: The pulse ignition system makes it convenient to start the gas burners quickly and easily.

5. App-Controlled: The gas stove can be controlled through an app, offering modern convenience and ease of use.

6. Enamel Pan Support: The enamel pan support with an insulation board ensures stable and secure placement of cookware while cooking.

7. Sleek Design: With a frosted stainless steel panel, the gas cooker stove adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

8. Customizable: The product can be customized with your logo, and the packaging can also be tailored according to your requirements.


1. Efficient Cooking: Gas burners provide instant heat, allowing for faster cooking and precise temperature control.

2. Reliable and Durable: The use of high-quality materials ensures the longevity and reliability of the gas stove.

3. Safe Cooking Environment: The safety protection features help prevent accidents and ensure a safe cooking experience.

4. Versatile Cooking Options: The dual-cooker cooktop allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

5. User-Friendly: The pulse ignition and app control make it easy to operate the gas stove, enhancing the overall cooking experience.

6. Branding Opportunities: The option for custom logo and packaging allows you to promote your brand through the appliance.

7. Easy Installation: The built-in design simplifies the installation process, making it suitable for various kitchen setups.

8. Onsite Installation Support: The after-sales service provides onsite installation assistance if needed, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Overall, the wholesale kitchen appliance, stainless steel gas cooker stove with safety protection offers a combination of safety, efficiency, and modern convenience, making it a great addition to households and kitchens.



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