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- Type: Portable Mini Electric Pedal Sewing Machine
- Stitch Formation: Double Thread
- Stitch Type: Neat and Straight Stitch
- Bobbin: Automatic Winding of Bobbin Thread
- Speed: Switchable between Low and High Speed
- Needle Threading: Convenient with Built-in Light
- Control: Hand Switch or Foot Pedal
- Power Options: Power Adapter or Batteries (not included)
- Usage: Crafts and DIY Projects
- Authenticity: 100% Original Product


- Double thread sewing for a more durable stitch.
- Automatic winding of bobbin thread and upper thread for easy setup.
- Switchable speed for greater control over sewing projects.
- Built-in light to assist with threading the needle.
- Choice between hand switch and foot pedal for sewing control.
- Lightweight and compact design for space-saving and portability.
- Can be powered by a power adapter or batteries, providing flexibility in usage.
- Suitable for craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts for various projects at home.


- Neat and straight stitches ensure a professional finish.
- Automatic bobbin winding saves time and effort in setup.
- Switchable speed accommodates different sewing needs and skill levels.
- Built-in light enhances visibility, making threading easier.
- Hand switch and foot pedal options offer comfort and convenience while sewing.
- Portable design allows for easy storage and transport.
- Versatility in power options ensures usability even without a power outlet.
- Ideal for craft and DIY enthusiasts, providing a reliable tool for home projects.
- Authenticity guarantee ensures you receive a genuine product.



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