Mini Rechargeable Fan/USB Rechargeable Mini Hand Fan

Mini Rechargeable Fan/USB Rechargeable Mini Hand Fan


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- Switch Mode: 3 Modes
- Power Source: USB/Battery
- Colors: Blue, Pink, Black, White, Green
- Current: 0.5-1A
- Output Voltage: 5-9V
- Power: 4.5W
- Speed: 4800 RPM
- Product Size: 10.6*14*4.2cm
- Continuous Running Time: 2 hours

- Backup Running Time: 5-6 hours

- Three adjustable modes to control airflow based on your comfort.
- Can be powered through USB or batteries, providing flexibility in usage.
- Comes in a variety of attractive colors to suit personal preferences.
- Efficient current consumption of 0.5-1A, ensuring longer battery life.
- Offers variable output voltage between 5-9V for different airflow intensities.
- Powerful 4.5W motor generates a fan speed of 4800 RPM for effective cooling.
- Compact size (10.6*14*4.2cm) makes it easy to carry and store.
- Provides non-stop running for up to 2 hours, suitable for short-term use.
- Offers a backup running time of 5-6 hours, ensuring extended cooling.


- Portability: Compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry wherever you go.
- Versatile Power Options: Can be powered by USB or batteries, offering convenience in various situations.
- Customizable Comfort: Three-speed modes allow you to adjust the airflow according to your preference.
- Energy Efficiency: Low current consumption helps conserve battery life for prolonged use.
- Effective Cooling: Powerful motor and high speed (4800 RPM) deliver quick and efficient cooling.
- Stylish Options: A range of colors lets you choose a fan that matches your style.
- Long Running Time: Offers both a 2-hour continuous running time and a backup of 5-6 hours, ensuring you stay cool for an extended period.
In summary, the USB Rechargeable Mini Hand Fan is a versatile and efficient cooling solution, offering customizable airflow, multiple power options, and a stylish design. Its compact size, long running time, and energy-efficient features make it a practical accessory for staying comfortable on the go.



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