Household embedded flip top gas stove natural gas dual stove touch screen timed energy-saving stove

Household embedded flip top gas stove natural gas dual stove touch screen timed energy-saving stove


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1. Port: Shenzhen Seaport, other ports available for shipping.

2. Payment Terms: Accepts various payment methods such as L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, and MoneyGram.

3. Supply Ability: Can provide up to 154 pieces per month.

4. Installation: Built-In, suitable for various kitchen setups.

5. Usage: Ideal for outdoor camping and as a cooking fireplace.

6. Place of Origin: Manufactured in Guangdong, China.

7. Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty.

8. Power Source: Operates on natural gas (N.G.) or liquefied petroleum gas (L.P.G.).

9. Size: 750*430mm, suitable for most kitchen configurations.

10. After-sales Service: None provided.

11. Pan support: Features cast iron pan support.

12. Color: Available in black.

13. Voltage (V): Operates on 220 volts.

14. Material: Made from ceramic glass.

15. Brand Name: MAXKY KITCHEN.

16. Cooker Quantity: A dual-cooker cooktop.

17. Burner Cap: Equipped with cast iron caps.

18. Ignition type: Utilizes electric ignition.

19. Protective Case: Includes a thermoelectricity-based protective case.

20. Gas Type: Suitable for both natural gas and L.P.G.

21. Surface Material: Features ceramic/glass surface material.

22. Burner: High-quality burners.

23. Private Mold: Does not offer private mold customization.

24. Application: Suitable for both commercial and household use.

Features and Benefits:

1. High-quality Burners: The gas stove comes with high-quality burners for efficient and even cooking.

2. Electric Ignition: Easy and safe ignition with electric ignition.

3. Dual-Cooker Cooktop: Two stoves on the cooktop, allowing for multiple cooking tasks simultaneously.

4. Cast Iron Pan Support: Provides stability and durability for your cookware.

5. Suitable for Both N.G. and L.P.G: Versatile gas options to accommodate your needs.

6. Durable Ceramic Glass Material: Easy to clean and maintain.

7. Built-In Installation: Fits seamlessly into your kitchen setup.

8. Outdoor and Indoor Use: Suitable for outdoor camping and indoor cooking.

9. 1-Year Warranty: Provides peace of mind for your purchase.

10. Various Payment Options: Accepts multiple payment methods for convenience.

Please note that it's important to check with the supplier for the latest information and verify the product's availability and pricing.



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