Miyako Electric Hand Blender - 1000 watt HB 7701

Miyako Electric Hand Blender - 1000 watt HB 7701


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- **Product Type:** Hand Blender
- **Model:** HB-7701
- **Color:** As per picture
- **Power:** 1000 Watts
- **Functions:** Hand Mixer with High-Low function
- **Blade Material:** Strong steel
- **Control:** Variable speed control
- **Design Feature:** Detachable blending rod
- **Noise Level:** Low


1. **Powerful Performance:** 1000 Watt motor for efficient blending and mixing.
2. **Versatile Functions:** Acts as a hand mixer with High-Low speed options.
3. **Durable Blades:** Strong steel blade for effective and long-lasting usage.
4. **Controlled Blending:** Variable speed control for precise blending results.
5. **User-Friendly Design:** Detachable blending rod for easy cleaning and maintenance.
6. **Quiet Operation:** Low noise level ensures a more comfortable blending experience.


1. **Efficient Blending:** High power ensures quick and thorough blending.
2. **Adaptable Mixing:** High-Low function provides flexibility for various recipes.
3. **Reliable Build:** Strong steel blade guarantees durability and reliability.
4. **Customized Blending:** Variable speed control allows you to achieve desired textures.
5. **Easy Cleanup:** Detachable blending rod simplifies cleaning after use.
6. **Enhanced User Experience:** Low noise level makes for a quieter and more pleasant blending process.

Make the most of these features to elevate your cooking and blending experience.



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