EG-B712G - Gazi Smiss Gas Stove

EG-B712G - Gazi Smiss Gas Stove


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- **Model:** EG-B712G - Gazi Smiss Gas Stove

- **Auto Ignition:** 1,00,000+ times

- **Height:** 4 inches with legs

- **Glass Measurement:** Length - 28 inches, Width - 16 inches

- **Body Measurement:** Length - 24 inches, Width - 14 inches

- **Body Type:** Tempered Glass

- **Output Power:** 5.0KW + 5.0KW

- **Burner Type:** Brass

- **Warranty:** 1 Year Service Warranty


- **Flame Failure Device (FFD):** Automatically shuts off gas supply if flame is extinguished, enhancing safety.

- **Low Gas Consumption:** Efficient usage reduces fuel costs and environmental impact.

- **Auto Ignition:** 1,00,000+ times with 100% ignition rate, making lighting burners effortless.

- **Brass Burner Cap:** Provides high thermal conductivity, even heat distribution, and durability.

- **Pan Support:** Strong support for heavy weights, enhancing stove durability and versatility.

- **Safety:** FFD for fire hazard protection.

- **Efficiency:** Low gas consumption for cost savings and environmental friendliness.

- **Convenience:** Effortless auto ignition eliminates the need for additional tools.

- **Optimal Cooking Results:** Brass burner cap ensures even heat distribution.

- **Durability:** Strong pan support for lifting heavy weights, enhancing stove's lifespan.

- **Warranty:** 1-year service warranty for added assurance.

**Installation Instructions:**

1. Ensure free space under the appliance is more than 40cm, and over the appliance is more than 100cm.

2. Recommend making a wind-in opening in the front of the cupboard for ventilation.



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