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- Brand: RizcoRizco
- Model: BHS-Grand-511-LPG
- Burner Type: Two Burner Stainless Steel Build-In Hob
- Gas Type: LPG/NG
- Body Material: Non-magnetic, 0.7 mm SS Thickness
- Burner Cap: 100% Copper for High Heat with Blue Flame
- Pan Support: Cast Iron Strong Pan Support
- Ignition: Smooth Battery Auto Ignition
- Gas Saving: 60%


- Stainless Steel Build: Durable and resistant to corrosion.
- Dual Fuel Capability: Compatible with both LPG and natural gas.
- Non-magnetic Body: Ensures safety and longevity.
- Copper Burner Cap: Ensures high heat efficiency and a blue flame.
- Cast Iron Pan Support: Provides stability for cookware.
- Auto Ignition: Convenient and easy to use.
- Gas Saving: Claims to save up to 60% gas consumption.


- Durability: Stainless steel construction enhances longevity.
- Versatility: Works with both LPG and natural gas.
- Safety: Non-magnetic body adds an extra layer of safety.
- Efficiency: Copper burner cap ensures efficient heat distribution.
- Stability: Cast iron pan support provides stability for various cookware.
- Convenience: Smooth battery auto ignition for easy operation.
- Cost Saving: Claims to save 60% on gas consumption, potentially reducing utility costs.

Always refer to the product manual for specific usage guidelines and maintenance instructions.



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