MideaMidea Glass Panel Gas Burner Q 57 - NG

MideaMidea Glass Panel Gas Burner Q 57 - NG


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- **Model:** Midea Glass Panel Gas Burner Q 57 - NG
- **Included Accessories:** Free Battery, 1.5ft Pipe, Clam
- **Preset Gas Type:** Natural Gas (NG)
- **Material:** Tempered Glass
- **Safety Feature:** Flame Failure Protection Device
- **Ignition System:** DC 1.5V Battery Ignition
- **Support:** Cast Iron Pan Support


1. **Tempered Glass Panel:** Provides durability and a sleek appearance.
2. **Flame Failure Protection:** Ensures safety by automatically shutting off gas flow if the flame is accidentally extinguished.
3. **Battery Ignition:** Convenient and reliable ignition system powered by a DC 1.5V battery.
4. **Cast Iron Pan Support:** Offers sturdy support for various cookware, enhancing stability during cooking.


1. **Safety:** The flame failure protection device enhances safety by minimizing the risk of gas leaks.
2. **Convenience:** Battery ignition simplifies the start-up process without the need for external power sources.
3. **Durability:** Tempered glass and cast iron pan support contribute to the product's longevity.
4. **Versatility:** Preset for Natural Gas, ensuring compatibility with common household gas sources.
5. **Included Accessories:** Free battery, pipe, and clam provide added value and convenience for installation.

Please note that it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper installation and usage.



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