RFL Auto Gas Stove Double Burner 21 GN - Gas Stove

RFL Auto Gas Stove Double Burner 21 GN - Gas Stove


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- **Model:** RFL Auto Gas Stove Double Burner 21 GN

- **Warranty:** 1 Year Company Warranty

- **Built-in-Hob:** Double Glass

- **Top Panel:** Tempered Ceramic

- **Size:** 670mm x 380mm x 115mm

- **Cut Out Dimension:** 625mm x 335mm

- **Burner Cap:** Rotary Brass

- **Ignition:** Auto Ignition

- **Flame Type:** Blue Flame

- **Gas Compatibility:** Suitable for LPG and NG

- **Durability:** Heavy Duty and Durable

- **Design:** Fashionable


- **Dual Burners:** Two burners for simultaneous cooking.

- **Double Glass Built-in-Hob:** Adds aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

- **Tempered Ceramic Top Panel:** Provides durability and heat resistance.

- **Auto Ignition:** Convenient and easy startup.

- **Blue Flame:** Ensures efficient combustion.

- **Low Gas Consumption:** Economical and eco-friendly.

- **Gas Compatibility:** Suitable for both LPG and NG.

- **Heavy Duty and Durable:** Long-lasting performance.

- **Fashionable Design:** Blends functionality with style.

- **Rated Thermal Flow:** 4.3/4.3 kW for effective heating.


- **Convenience:** Auto ignition and dual burners enhance cooking convenience.

- **Energy Efficiency:** Low gas consumption promotes energy efficiency.

- **Versatility:** Compatible with both LPG and NG for flexibility in gas sources.

- **Aesthetics:** Double glass built-in-hob and fashionable design add a stylish touch to your kitchen.

- **Durability:** Heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting use.

- **Safety:** Tempered ceramic top panel provides heat resistance for safety during cooking.

- **Performance:** Rotary brass burner caps and blue flame contribute to efficient and effective cooking.

This RFL Auto Gas Stove Double Burner 21 GN combines practical features with a stylish design, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your kitchen.


size/670mm x 380mm x 115mm

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