Competitive Price Gas Stove Single Burner Natural Gas/LPG 4.0 KW Single Burner Gas Stove

Competitive Price Gas Stove Single Burner Natural Gas/LPG 4.0 KW Single Burner Gas Stove


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- **Product Name:** Glass panel 4.0 KW gas stove

- **Material:** Glass panel, copper fire cover

- **Ignition Mode:** Electronic pulse ignition

- **Fuel Type:** Natural gas / liquefied gas

- **Power:** 4.0 KW

- **Product Size:** 430*330 mm

- **Net Weight:** 10 KG

- **Reserved Position Size:** 390*270 mm

- **Brand:** OEM

- **No. of Gas Burner:** 1

- **Cooker Quantity:** Single-cooker Cooktop

- **Type:** Home Cooktop

- **Protective Case:** Flameout Protection

- **Surface Material:** Ceramic / Glass

- **Gas Burner Ignition Mode:** Electronic Ignition

- **Application:** Outdoor, Household


1. **Electronic Pulse Ignition:** Quick and efficient ignition for hassle-free cooking.

2. **Flameout Protection:** Ensures safety by automatically shutting off gas in case of flameout.

3. **Stylish Design:** Glass panel with copper fire cover for a modern and sleek look.

4. **Versatile Fuel Options:** Compatible with both natural gas and liquefied gas.

5. **Powerful Performance:** 4.0 KW power for high-efficiency cooking.

6. **Compact Size:** Ideal for both desktop and embedded installation.

7. **Durable Construction:** Quality materials and craftsmanship for long-lasting use.


- **Efficient Cooking:** The 4.0 KW power ensures quick and efficient cooking, saving time and energy.

- **Safety Assurance:** Flameout protection and high-quality materials prioritize safety in operation.

- **Versatile Use:** Suitable for both indoor household kitchens and outdoor cooking.

- **Sleek Aesthetics:** The modern design adds a stylish touch to your kitchen space.

- **Easy Ignition:** Electronic pulse ignition provides a convenient and reliable ignition method.

- **Durable Build:** Quality construction and materials contribute to a long product lifespan.

This gas stove from Guangzhou LanXinwang Technology Co., Ltd. combines functionality, safety, and aesthetics to enhance your cooking experience.


size/430*330 mm

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