Wholesale Quality Kitchen Digital 2 Plates Stainless Steel Panel Glass Touch Cooking Gas Stoves Cooker Gas Stove

Wholesale Quality Kitchen Digital 2 Plates Stainless Steel Panel Glass Touch Cooking Gas Stoves Cooker Gas Stove


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- **Product Name:** Wholesale Multi-function Double Burner Gas Stove

- **Model Number:** LXW-RQZ-S2907

- **Material:** Stainless steel panel + tempered glass, copper fire cover

- **Cooktop Type:** Solid Element Cooktop

- **No. of Gas Burner:** 2

- **Fuel Type:** Natural gas / liquefied gas

- **Gas Burner Ignition Mode:** Electronic Ignition

- **Power Source:** Battery, Gas

- **Power (W):** Left 5.2KW, Right 7.0KW

- **Timing Function:** 99 Minutes

- **Protective Case:** Flameout Protection

- **Installation:** Desktop & Embedded Type

- **Hole Size:** 650*350 mm

- **Product Size:** 750*430 mm

- **Net Weight:** 11 KW

- **Warranty:** 1 Year

- **After-sales Service:** Free spare parts

- **Packaging Detail:** Carton packaging, customizable; MOQ: 100 units


- **Touch Control:** Glass touch panel for convenient and modern control.

- **Dual Burner:** Two burners for versatile cooking options.

- **Powerful Performance:** Left burner 5.2KW, Right burner 7.0KW.

- **Fuel Options:** Compatible with both natural gas and liquefied gas.

- **Electronic Ignition:** Easy and safe ignition with electronic ignition mode.

- **Timing Function:** Convenient 99-minute timing function.

- **Flameout Protection:** Protective case for added safety.

- **Stylish Design:** Stainless steel panel and tempered glass for a sleek look.

- **Versatile Application:** Suitable for home, hotel, RV, commercial use.

- **Battery-Powered:** Operates on two large 1 batteries.


- **Efficient Cooking:** Powerful burners provide quick and efficient cooking.

- **Safety Features:** Flameout protection and electronic ignition enhance safety.

- **Modern Design:** Stylish stainless steel and glass design complements any kitchen.

- **Versatile Use:** Suitable for various settings including households, hotels, RVs, and commercial kitchens.

- **Convenient Control:** Touch control and timing function offer user-friendly operation.

- **Durable Construction:** Stainless steel and tempered glass ensure durability.

- **Warranty:** Backed by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

- **Supply Assurance:** Monthly supply of 2000 pieces ensures availability.

- **Customizable Packaging:** Packaging can be tailored to specific needs.

- **Power Options:** Dual power sources - battery and gas for flexibility.


size/750*430 mm

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