Cooktops Gas Cooker 7mm Tempered Glass single Burner Gas Stove

Cooktops Gas Cooker 7mm Tempered Glass single Burner Gas Stove


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- **Product Name:** Single-Burner Gas Stove/Kitchen Appliance
- **Model Number:** JZY-A-F606
- **Brand:** Maxky
- **Cooktop Type:** Gas Cooktops
- **No. of Gas Burner:** 1
- **Color:** Black
- **Material:** Ceramic Glass
- **Size:** 470mm x 370mm x 200mmsi
- **Power Source:** Gas
- **Ignition Type:** Electric Ignition
- **Burner Cap:** Cast Iron Cap
- **Pan Support:** Cast Iron Pan Support
- **Surface Material:** Ceramic/Glass
- **Gas Type:** N.G. (Natural Gas) or L.P.G (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
- **Installation:** Built-In
- **Usage:** Outdoor Camping Cooking Fireplace
- **Application:** RV, Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
- **Warranty:** 1 Year
- **App-Controlled:** No
- **After-sales Service Provided:** None


- 7mm Tempered Glass
- High-Quality Burner
- Electric Ignition for convenience
- Durable Cast Iron Cap and Pan Support
- Suitable for N.G. or L.P.G
- Built-In installation for a sleek look
- Versatile outdoor and indoor usage (Camping, Fireplace, etc.)
- Ceramic/Glass surface material for easy cleaning
- Suitable for RVs, hotels, households, commercial use, and more.


- Reliable and durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.
- Versatile usage makes it suitable for various settings, from camping to commercial kitchens.
- Electric ignition adds convenience to the cooking process.
- Easy to clean with the ceramic/glass surface material.
- 1-year warranty provides peace of mind for users.
- Single-burner design is practical for smaller spaces or specific cooking needs.
- Suitable for both natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, offering flexibility.
- Stylish built-in installation enhances the aesthetic of the cooking area.
- Maxky brand reputation for quality and performance.
- Ideal for a range of applications, including RVs, hotels, households, and commercial kitchens.


size/470mm x 370mm x 200mm

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