kitchen gas stove glass panel household dual stove ipg gas stove

kitchen gas stove glass panel household dual stove ipg gas stove


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- **Model Number:** H631B
- **Panel:** Tempered glass
- **Panel Size:** 780*450*6MM
- **Bottom Body:** Stainless steel
- **Left Burner:** Aluminum Burner + Brass cap (black coating)
- **Right Burner:** Aluminum Burner + Brass cap (black coating)
- **Pan Support:** Iron
- **Ignition:** Battery *1.5v DC
- **Gas Pipe:** Iron
- **Knob:** Metal
- **Packing:** Brown box 5 layers and foam with tape seal
- **Gas Type:** LPG or NG
- **Product Size:** 780*450*168MM
- **Carton Size:** 820*485*205 mm
- **Installation Size:** 650*350(710*410)MM R20
- **Power:** LPG(5.0W) or NG(5.0W)
- **Loading Quantity:** 20GP(380PCS) 40HQ(940PCS)
- **Remark:** Automatic piezo ignition
- **GW/NW:** 16.3KG/13.9KG


1. **Dual-Cooker Cooktop:** Equipped with two burners for versatile cooking options.
2. **Tempered Glass Surface:** Durable and aesthetically pleasing.
3. **Cast Iron Pan Support:** Provides stability for cookware.
4. **Automatic Piezo Ignition:** Convenient and hassle-free start.
5. **Flameout Protection:** Ensures safety by automatically shutting off in case of a flameout.
6. **Stainless Steel Bottom Body:** Adds durability and a modern touch.
7. **Metal Knob:** Easy-to-use controls for precise flame adjustments.
8. **NG/LPG Gas Type:** Adaptable to different gas sources.


- **Versatility:** Suitable for both household and hotel use.
- **Durable Construction:** Tempered glass, stainless steel, and cast iron components contribute to longevity.
- **Safety Features:** Flameout protection and automatic ignition enhance user safety.
- **Convenient Controls:** Metal knobs and automatic ignition provide user-friendly operation.
- **Adaptable to Gas Sources:** Can be used with natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
- **Modern Design:** Stylish appearance with a tempered glass surface.

This gas stove offers a blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal, making it a reliable choice for various cooking needs in both homes and hotel kitchens.



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