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- Brand Name: BAIDIAN

- Product Name: Gas Cooker Stove

- Power Source: Gas

- Burner Material: Brass Nozzle

- No. of Gas Burner: 2

- No. of Electric Burner: 2

- Gas Burner Ignition Mode: Electronic Ignition

- Installation: Desktop & Embedded Type

- Usage: Kitchen Cooking Appliance

- Material: Tempered Glass Surface

- Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop

- Knob: Metal Knob

- Ignition Type: Automatic Piezo Ignition

- Protective Case: Flameout Protection

- Gas Type: N.G. or L.P.G

- Surface Material: Ceramic / Glass

- Application: Hotel, Garage, RV, Commercial, Household

- Ignition Mode: Automatic Ignition

- Warranty: 1 Year


- The gas stove cooker has a glass surface with metal knobs, providing a modern and sleek appearance.

- It comes with two gas burners and two electric burners, offering versatility in cooking options.

- The gas burners feature electronic ignition for easy and convenient lighting.

- The tempered glass surface adds durability and style to the stove.

- The cooker has flameout protection, ensuring safety during cooking.

- It can be installed as a desktop or embedded type, depending on your kitchen setup.

- The stove is suitable for both natural gas (N.G.) and liquefied petroleum gas (L.P.G.).

- After-sales service includes free spare parts, giving you peace of mind.


- Efficient Cooking: The gas stove's brass nozzle burners and radiant coil electric burners provide efficient heat distribution for cooking various dishes.

- Durability: The tempered glass surface and quality materials ensure the stove's longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

- Easy Ignition: With automatic piezo ignition for the gas burners, you can quickly and safely light the stove without the need for matches or lighters.

- Versatility: The dual-cooker cooktop allows you to use both gas and electric burners simultaneously, offering flexibility in your cooking preferences.

- Safety Features: The flameout protection and automatic ignition enhance safety while using the stove.

- Applicable for Various Settings: Whether in a household kitchen, hotel, garage, RV, or commercial establishment, the gas cooker stove suits various environments.

- Warranty: The product comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and support in case of any issues.

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