M19 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds M19 TWS Earphone 9D Stereo LED Digital Display Touch Digital Noise Reduction Technology

M19 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds M19 TWS Earphone 9D Stereo LED Digital Display Touch Digital Noise Reduction Technology


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- Model: M19

- Bluetooth specification: V5.1

- Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP

- Working voltage: 3.1V~4.2V

- Charging voltage: 5V-1A

- Battery capacity of the headset: 50mAh

- Battery capacity of the storage box: 2000mAh

- Transmission distance: >10 meters


1. 9D Stereo: The M19 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds provide a high-quality 9D stereo sound experience, offering immersive audio with enhanced bass and clear treble.

2. LED Digital Display: The earbuds come with an LED digital display on the charging case, which shows the battery status of both the earbuds and the charging case, allowing you to easily monitor the remaining power.

3. Touch Controls: The M19 TWS Earbuds feature touch-sensitive controls on each earbud, enabling you to easily manage music playback, answer/reject calls, adjust volume, and activate voice assistants without reaching for your phone.

4. Digital Noise Reduction Technology: These earbuds utilize digital noise reduction technology, which helps to minimize background noise and improve call quality, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication.

5. Bluetooth 5.1: The earbuds employ Bluetooth 5.1 technology, providing a stable and efficient wireless connection to your device. It offers faster pairing, improved range, and reduced power consumption compared to previous Bluetooth versions.

6. Long Transmission Distance: With a transmission distance of over 10 meters, you can enjoy wireless freedom and move around without worrying about losing the connection between the earbuds and your device.

7. Battery Life: The 50mAh battery in each earbud offers a decent playback time, and the 2000mAh battery in the charging case provides extended battery life. This ensures that you can enjoy your music for extended periods without constantly needing to recharge.

8. Compatibility: The M19 TWS Earbuds are compatible with various Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing you to enjoy wireless audio on multiple devices.


1. Portability: The compact and lightweight design of the M19 TWS Earbuds makes them easy to carry and store, providing on-the-go convenience.

2. Enhanced Audio Experience: The 9D stereo sound and digital noise reduction technology deliver an immersive and high-quality audio experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or movies with enhanced clarity and depth.

3. Hands-free Convenience: The touch controls on the earbuds enable easy and convenient management of your audio playback and calls, eliminating the need to handle your phone directly.

4. Wireless Freedom: With Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy a cable-free experience and move around freely without the restrictions of wired earphones.

5. Long Battery Life: The combination of the battery capacities in the earbuds and charging case ensures extended usage without frequent recharging, making them suitable for long commutes, workouts, or travel.

6. Improved Call Quality: The digital noise reduction technology helps to minimize background noise, ensuring clear and uninterrupted calls, whether you're in a crowded environment or outdoors.

7. Easy Monitoring: The LED digital display on the charging case allows you to check the battery status at a glance, so you can plan your charging accordingly and avoid running out of power unexpectedly.

8. Versatile Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 provides a stable and reliable wireless connection, allowing you to pair the earbuds with various devices and enjoy wireless audio seamlessly.

It's important to note that while the information provided above is based on the given specifications, the actual performance and user experience may vary depending on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and individual preferences.



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