5.0KW Stainless steel + glass touch gas stove natural gas / LPG with bracket

5.0KW Stainless steel + glass touch gas stove natural gas / LPG with bracket


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- **Power Source:** Dual – Battery and Gas (Natural Gas/LPG)

- **Cooktop Type:** Smooth Ceramic

- **Number of Gas Burners:** 2

- **Battery:** No. 1 large battery

- **Gas Burner Ignition Mode:** Electronic Ignition

- **Installation:** Desktop & Embedded Type

- **Warranty:** 1 Year

- **App-Controlled:** No

- **Power:** 5.0 KW

- **Model Number:** LXW-RQZ-14

- **Reserved Position Size:** 650*350 mm

- **Brand Name:** OEM

- **Cooker Quantity:** Multi-cooker Cooktop

- **Type:** Gas Cooktops

- **Product Name:** Stainless steel panel + tempered glass gas stove

- **Protective Case:** Flameout Protection

- **Ignition Mode:** Electronic Pulse Ignition

- **Surface Material:** Stainless steel

- **Net Weight:** 11 KG

- **Timing:** 180 Minutes on both sides of the timing

- **Private Mold:** No

- **Application:** Outdoor, Household

- **Product Size:** 755*435 mm

- **Fuel Type:** Natural gas / liquefied gas


- **Material:** Stainless steel panel with tempered glass.

- **Ignition:** Electronic pulse ignition for convenient and safe use.

- **Safety:** Flameout protection for added safety.

- **Powerful:** 5.0 KW power for efficient cooking.

- **Versatile:** Suitable for both natural gas and LPG.

- **Installation Options:** Can be used as a desktop or embedded stove.

- **Warranty:** 1-year warranty with after-sales service and free spare parts.

- **Packaging:** Standard export carton packaging with detailed dimensions and weight.


- **Dual Power Source:** Can be operated using a battery or gas, providing flexibility.

- **High Power:** 5.0 KW power ensures quick and efficient cooking.

- **Stylish Design:** Stainless steel panel and tempered glass provide a modern and sleek appearance.

- **Versatile Installation:** Can be easily installed as a desktop or embedded stove.

- **Safety Features:** Flameout protection enhances safety during use.

- **Warranty and After-sales Service:** Comes with a 1-year warranty and after-sales service, including free spare parts.

- **Applicability:** Suitable for both outdoor and household use.

- **Fuel Options:** Compatible with natural gas and liquefied gas for convenience.

- **Easy Ignition:** Electronic pulse ignition for hassle-free ignition.

- **Packaging Details:** Clearly specified packaging details for easy handling and transportation.

Ensure proper installation and usage according to the provided guidelines for optimal performance and longevity.


size/755*435 mm

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