NYT Basic Q12 Smart Phone Watch For Children 1.44 Inch Smart Watch For Child

NYT Basic Q12 Smart Phone Watch For Children 1.44 Inch Smart Watch For Child


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- Chip: PDA8955
- Battery capacity: 400mAh
- Charging time: 2 hours
- Display resolution: 128x128
- Display size: 1.44 inches
- Color options: Princess Powder, Knight Blue
- Radiation: Lower than mobile phones, meets international standards, no adverse impact on the human body
- Applicable age: 3-12 years old
- Positioning method: Precise positioning + base station positioning


1. **Clear Call and Stable Communication:** Two-way clear and stable call with louder sound, suitable for noisy environments. Supports voice chat and group chat with multiple mobile phones for convenient communication.
2. **Precise Positioning:** Accurate real-time positioning to monitor the child's whereabouts, ensuring safety in both daily life and emergencies.
3. **Electronic Fence:** Set activity boundaries for children; receive alerts on the parent's mobile phone if the child leaves the designated area. Prevents loss, access to dangerous areas, and getting lost.
4. **High-Performance Battery:** Long-lasting battery life with high-polymerized custom battery technology. Faster charging, higher performance, and longer standby time compared to similar devices.
5. **Ultra-Thin Design:** Sleek 14.1mm ultra-thin body design, visually appealing with rich texture. Designed to be as thin as homework, making it comfortable for children to wear.
6. **Fun Games:** Provides entertainment and happiness through fun games, fostering the child's growth in a joyful environment.


- Ensures child safety with precise positioning and electronic fence features.
- Facilitates clear communication between children and parents, even in noisy environments.
- Promotes independence while allowing parents to monitor their child's activities remotely.
- Long battery life reduces the need for frequent charging, enhancing convenience.
- Fun games promote cognitive development and entertainment for children.
- Sleek design enhances the appeal for children, making them proud to wear it.



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