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Available Sizes:

W100cm X H210cm

W100cm X H240cm

W70cm X H200cm

W80cm X H200cm

W80cm X H210cm

W80cm X H220cm

W90cm X H210cm

W90cm X H220cm


  • Magnetic Closure: Our door curtain features magnetic strips sewn into reinforced edges, guaranteeing a swift and automatic close every time. Say goodbye to fumbling with cumbersome door closures—the magic of magnetic fasteners makes entry and exit effortless.
  • Thermal Insulation: With a thickness of 2.5cm, this door curtain offers superior thermal insulation properties. It effectively prevents heat loss, blocks out winter cold, and saves electricity and money by reducing the need for constant heating. Experience cozy warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer, all while enjoying reduced outside noise levels.
  • Superior Sealing: The door curtain's excellent sealing performance ensures that it keeps out drafts and maintains a comfortable indoor environment. Bid farewell to pesky drafts that disrupt your peace and comfort.


  • Type: Door & Window Screens
  • Screen Netting Material: Polyester Fiber
  • Function: Winter Warmth and Windproof
  • Fixed Type: Magnetic Fastener


size/W100cm X H210cm/W100cm X H240cm/W70cm X H200cm/W80cm X H200cm/W80cm X H210cm/W80cm X H220cm/W90cm X H210cm/W90cm X H220cm


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