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- Brand: HP

- Model: S9000 (assumed)

- Connection Technology: Wireless (2.4GHz)

- DPI (Dots Per Inch): 1600

- Color: Black (assumed)


1. Wireless Connectivity: The mouse connects to your computer or laptop wirelessly using a 2.4GHz wireless connection. This eliminates the need for tangled cables and allows for greater freedom of movement.

2. Optical Tracking: The optical sensor in the mouse tracks your movements accurately on various surfaces, providing smooth and precise cursor control.

3. 1600 DPI Resolution: DPI refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. A higher DPI means more cursor movement for a given physical mouse movement, offering increased precision and responsiveness.

4. Sleek Design: The mouse has a stylish and modern design, enhancing the aesthetics of your workspace.


1. Convenience: With wireless connectivity, you can use the mouse without being restricted by cables, giving you more flexibility and reducing clutter on your desk.

2. Portability: The wireless feature allows you to easily carry the mouse with your laptop or use it with multiple devices.

3. Precise Tracking: The optical sensor with 1600 DPI resolution ensures accurate tracking and smooth cursor movement, enhancing your overall user experience.

4. Ergonomics: A well-designed mouse can offer comfort and reduce strain during extended use, allowing for a more pleasant and efficient workflow.

Please note that the specifications and features may vary depending on the specific model and version of the HP S9000 mouse. It's always recommended to refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.




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