wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove

wholesale price solar electronic gas stove wholesale custom gas stove


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- Material: 6mm tempered glass top panel with Golden frame (720*410mm)
- Body: Cold rolled steel with coating
- Burner: 135mm + 135mm with 9 brass head caps
- Support: Enamel Pan support
- Knob: Metal Knob
- Power: 4.0 KW + 6.0 KW
- Box size: 745*425*185mm
- Gas Type: N.G. or L.P.G
- Voltage: 220v
- Cooker Quantity: Dual-cooker Cooktop
- Ignition type: Automatic Piezo Ignition
- Protective Case: Flameout Protection
- Surface Material: Ceramic / Glass
- Installation: Desktop & Embedded Type
- Usage: Kitchen Cooking Appliance
- App-Controlled: NO
- Private Mold: NO
- Warranty: 1 Year


1. Dual-cooker Cooktop: The gas stove features two gas burners and two electric burners, providing flexibility in cooking options.
2. Tempered Glass Surface: The 6mm tempered glass top panel with a Golden frame not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds durability and easy cleaning.
3. Automatic Ignition: The gas burners come with electronic ignition, making it convenient and safe to light the stove without the need for matches or lighters.
4. Flameout Protection: The stove is equipped with a protective case that automatically shuts off the gas supply in case the flame accidentally goes out, enhancing safety during cooking.
5. Durable Construction: The brass nozzle burners and enamel pan support ensure longevity and stability during cooking.
6. Suitable for Various Settings: This gas stove is designed for use in various settings, including hotels, garages, RVs, commercial kitchens, and households.
7. Easy to Install: The stove is designed for both desktop and embedded installation, making it suitable for different kitchen setups.
8. Versatile Power Options: With a total power output of 10 KW (4.0 KW + 6.0 KW), this gas stove allows for efficient cooking at different heat levels.
9. Supply Ability: The supplier can provide up to 500 pieces per day, ensuring a steady supply for your needs.

Overall, this gas stove offers a reliable and efficient cooking solution with a focus on safety and durability. Its combination of gas and electric burners provides versatility in cooking, and the automatic ignition and flameout protection add convenience and peace of mind during use. The tempered glass surface and Golden frame enhance the stove's visual appeal, making it suitable for both commercial and household kitchen setups.



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