Gazi Smiss - P316 Gas Stove LPG/NG Stainless Steel

Gazi Smiss - P316 Gas Stove LPG/NG Stainless Steel


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- Model: Gazi Smiss - P316

- Gas Type: NG/LPG (Natural Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

- Panel Material: Stainless Steel

- Ignition: High-quality auto pulse ignition start

- Flame Type: Smoke-free blue flame

- Burner Cap: Rotary Brass Burner cap

- Pan Supporter: Stainless steel/cast iron

- Burner Design: European design burner

- Safety Features: Multiple safety devices

- Energy Saving: Super energy-saving technology

- Caution: Do not break the seal if not interested


1. **Stainless Steel Panel:** Durable and stylish stainless steel construction.

2. **Auto Pulse Ignition:** High-quality ignition system for easy and safe stove startup.

3. **Smoke-Free Blue Flame:** Provides a clean and efficient cooking experience.

4. **Rotary Brass Burner Cap:** Enhances heat distribution and control during cooking.

5. **Pan Supporter:** Stainless steel/cast iron pan supporter for stability and durability.

6. **European Design Burner:** Aesthetically pleasing design with functionality in mind.

7. **Safety Devices:** Multiple safety features for secure usage.

8. **Energy-Saving Technology:** Super energy-saving technology for efficient fuel consumption.


- **Durability:** Stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting use.

- **Efficient Ignition:** Auto pulse ignition makes starting the stove hassle-free.

- **Clean Cooking:** Smoke-free blue flame provides a cleaner cooking environment.

- **Precise Control:** Rotary Brass Burner cap allows for better heat control.

- **Stability:** Stainless steel/cast iron pan supporter offers stability during cooking.

- **Safety:** Multiple safety devices enhance user safety.

- **Aesthetics:** European design burner adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

- **Energy Efficiency:** Super energy-saving technology helps in reducing fuel consumption.

**Note:** Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, and be cautious not to break the seal if not interested in the product.



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